some more thoughts on structuring the thesis

there is more to each thesis chapter than Destination Done….dissertation


A little while ago I was asked a tricky question about thesis chapter: How much should each thesis chapter stand-alone? On pursuing this a little, it turned out that there was more to the question. The questioner also wanted to know: How much repetition should there be within a thesis chapter?

The quick answer to this double-barrelled question is that no thesis chapter stands entirely alone. The thesis text is an argument in which each chapter is one step, one move in the argument heading towards the inevitable conclusion. The chapters must therefore be in logical order. Each chapter must be connected to the one before and one after. Getting the sequencing right is critically important.

Now finding the logical order for chapters is much easier for me to write than for me and you to actually do. As soon as you get past using the default IMRAD, you…

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