A storyteller’s guide to knowledge

I remember my first night of a class in qualitative research methods.  I was convinced that the only kind of dissertation/thesis that I wanted to write had to tell a story.  It couldn’t be a boring 5 chapters of technical A.P.A formula.  Four years later  I am still wanting to write my research as a story.  A scientific journey using the metaphor of a microscope with my data carefully collated on glass slides.

I read this week David Griffiths post on “A storyteller’s guide to knowledge” immediately I was struck by how fortunate I felt to finally read a piece that made sense for me.  Bridging the ideas of knowledge construction and storytelling.  Griffiths speaks to blending storytelling and adult learning theory together.  This he suggests helps us to understand lesson events and lesson learning.  I won’t paraphrase his whole article – you can read it here

A storyteller’s guide to knowledge.


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