research for shiny people…

Ginkgo is a natural supplement used by some wi...

Ginkgo is a natural supplement used by some with ADHD. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

completing a doctorate while under the influence of ADHD

DSM-IV classification #s 314.00, 314.01 and 314.9 this post is for YOU.   Two important pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t read the article OCD and Perfection published at
  2. Given that you couldn’t resist NOT following the above point – Stop reading PsychCentral NOW- it’s been 3 shiny hours already!

If you must feed your cravings for shiny and still want to appear be productive (in your mind at least) try some data manipulation with the following data visualization and mining software. There’s colors and everything…..

Rock star software for deep data mining and text analysis

…and don’t forget use ‘R’

…if you are really intrigued by the power of ‘R’ take a look at what it can do

JUST REMEMBER limit your exposure to shiny…………..


using word – is too wordy

Doing your dissertation with Microsoft Word: a book review.

Thank you to the Thesis Whisperer for an honest review. I think I might just buy this book.  Only yesterday I was composing a poem to word..

WORD, stop THAT.

I didn’t want that there.

The period is meant to go over there.

Word, stop THAT.

Please word, can’t you cooperate

I have a deadline.

I just want to type.

WORD, stop THAT…

RIGHT,  NOW WORD… before I reformat you face!